• Otowave 102-4

Fast accurate middle ear measurements with total portability and reliability. The Otowave 102-1 tympanometer provides a 1 kHz reflex test functionality and the 102-4 has independently selectable reflex tests for 0.5, 1, 2 and 4 kHz.

  • Auto pass/refer evaluation (tymp and reflexes)
  • Real live tympanometry
  • Customisable reflex test (4 frequencies)
  • 2 mode reflex test (single and multi mode)
  • Standard PC interface
  • Portable printer available
  • Portable and battery operated
  • Intuitive use
  • Large graphics display


Elegantly shaped to follow the contours of a hand and with a perfect weight distribution, tests can be completed with confidence and accuracy.

Ease of use

Tympanometry can be conducted within seconds. The test results will be evaluated automatically (pass/refer) or can be assessed manually by the operator. Furthermore, ipsilateral reflex testing can be conducted with the Otowave at 1 kHz (Otowave 102-1) or 0.5, 1, 2 and 4 kHz (Otowave 102-4). The measurement outcome can be the reflex threshold for diagnostic evaluation or a screening outcome in terms of pass and refer.

Recording results

Results are displayed for review on a large high-resolution graphics display. Results can be:

  • Saved within internal memory with a patient identifier
  • Printed via an infra-red connection to the optional portable printer
  • Transferred to a PC with an IrDA port, to be shown in the ampliSuite tympanometry module or NOAH


Lightweight and weighing just 380g, the Otowave is designed to be a totally portable ‘go anywhere’ instrument which is reliable, accurate and easy to use. The Otowave requires no external power or data cables.

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Otowave 102-4

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