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WT588D hangmodul

WT588D hangmodul
Cikkszám: WT588D-U
Készlet információ: 9
Fogyasztói ár: 3,175 Ft
Nettó ár: 2,500 Ft
Db:     - VAGY -   Kívánságlistára

1.Package of 28 pins module, which can be replaced memory for gaining different lengths of storage time.
2.Comes with SPI-Flash with capacity of 32Mbit (Note: 1byte = 8bit)
3.WT588D-20SS voice used as a control core chip.
4.Embedded human voice processor, feel very natural and sweet.
5.Good audio quality output for 13Bit/DA converter and 12Bit/PWM processing of audio.
6.Support for loading 6K ~ 22KHz audio sampling rate.
7.PWM output can directly promote 0.5W/8Ω speakers and plenty of current.
8.Support DAC / PWM output
9.Support for loading WAV audio format.
10.Support key control mode, one-wire serial control mode, three-wire serial control mode.
11.A variety of IO trigger ways can be seted to in button control mode.
12.The way of BUSY signal output can be set in a random manner.
13,Loading no more than 500 segments voice for editing.
14.Address bit is controlled by 220 segments voice, but a single address bit just can load up to 128.
15.Voice player to enter the sleep mode to stop immediately.
16.It is simple interface and convenient because of using WT588D Voice Chip that benefited to exert its functions.
17.A lot of operations can be finished in software. Such as setup control mode, inserting voice, compositing voice, calling voice, etc.
18.Free to insert mute, mute time range 10ms ~ 25min.Support online USB download / offline USB download.?Moreover, it also can download data to SPI-Flash even if WT588D-U are working.
19.Operating voltage: DC2.8V ~ 5.5V.
20.Dormant current less than 10uA
21.Powerful anti-jamming. Widely used in the industrial field.

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